Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes (GGCC) is known for mixing gorgeous cake design with the finest ingredients to create art gallery worthy wedding and celebration cakes, that taste even more beautiful than they look.


Adenike, also known as the “Gourmet Girl”, considers herself ‘the black Martha Stewart’ as well as the ‘Beyoncé of cakes”. She serves as the cake artist and owner of Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes. Self-taught with 17 years’ experience, Gourmet Girl believes that a cake should not only be a culinary experience but also a true reflection of those being celebrated.


Gourmet Girl takes great care to curate cake designs that tell the cake’s story and provide GGCC customers or “Gourmies’ with a custom creation that is  inspiried by their personality, style, and uniqueness!


To savor the sweetness, GGCC offers a one of a kind cake commemoration that is an intimate showcase of the creation process of each cake from start to finish; highlighting the cake’s story throughout each step of its creation - design process, flavor selection, baking, decoriting, and assembly.


Gourmet Girl invites you to become a Gourmie and enjoy amazing gourmet flavors and tell your sweetest cake story! 

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