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A Peace of Cake is a baking & mentoring program for teens ages 12-17  that utilizes the art of baking and cake decorating as a positive outlet while learning core- concepts from STEAM, culinary arts, entrepreneurialism, and food history.

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Baking is scientifically proven to reduce stress. Think back to the Covid-19 pandemic when it was common to find that loads of people were taking to their kitchen and baking everything their hearts desired. 


My Concept for A Peace of Cake was born simultaneously with Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes 11 years ago. My personal cake story includes my gravitation toward baking during a difficult time in my life. Baking calmed me, it allowed me a way to channel my energy into the production of something positive, visually pleasing, and delicious.


During my 11 years of teaching both middle and high school aged youth, I discovered that a program that modeled the Cake Joy that I discovered along my own journey would be beneficial to teens.

A mentoring program that would foster self-expression, resiliency, encourage positive mindfulness and cultivating confidence.

There is nothing like the peace that making cake brings! The time is finally right to share A Peace of Cake with Cleveland's Youth! 

Participants will learn: 

Basic Baking and Cake Decorating

Participants will be instructed in the fundamental elements of baking through the creation of a range of diverse desserts, centered around core concepts:

  • Food cultural origins and history

  • The science behind the ingredients (what they do)

  • Nutrition and food choices

  • Self-expression through optional recipe variation and design aesthetic 

  • Entrepreneurism as it relates to food businesses and culinary career exploration.

Is Your Teen Ready for A Peace of Cake?!

Complete the wait list form below and you will be contacted if space opens up

A Peace of Cake Wait List Form (The Camp is Currently Full)
Does your teen have any experience with baking?
Will your teen need to take any medications while they are in attendance?
Is your teen at basic reading & math levels?

You have been placed on the waiting list and will be contacted if space opens up.

Registration Capasity has been reached. Please email to be placed on the waitlist.

Read more about The Creative Impact Fund

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A Peace of Cake is supported by The Creative Impact Fund, administered by Assembly for the Arts and Funded by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

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