gourmie noun

gour-mie | \'gur-,me\

: a connoisseur of art gallery worthy cake; an individual devoted to Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes;

a person with a discerning palate and a high standard of quality; 

synonyms: Stylish, Sophisticated, Couture and Artisan.  

The Gourmie Box is curated by Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes to include an array of  gorgeously gourmet cakes, sweet treats and Gourmie gifts delivered conveniently to your door! Each box  has a unique  sweet theme that will evoke cake joy and ensure a smile long after the last bite! The Gourmie box is perfect for gifting, birthdays or just because! Subscriptions are available in  one month  increments for $69.95 per month. 
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Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes can make anything your heart desires! not only will the cake taste beautiful, but it will taste like a dream! When I met Gourmet Girl, I gave her a vision of what I wanted and she created a dream come true cake for me. Worth every dollar spent!

Angel W., Cleveland, Ohio

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