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Wedding Cakes: the great, the bad or the ugly

Updated: Mar 29

Learn how all wedding cakes are NOT created equal

First things first! Congratulations on your engagement!

Second things second, you love cake! Congratulations on that too!

I am here to affirm to you that the cake is absolutely the best part of the wedding reception followed very closely by partying with the newlyweds while eating cake!

Since we have established that wedding cake is one of the most amazing things ever! Let’s talk wedding cake! I created this set of tips because I have yet to find a comprehensive guide that gives full explanation of everything you should know when setting out to order a wedding cake.

For a cake to be truly amazing, there is a lot of thought and preparation required. A few things should be considered when thinking about your perfect cake, because not all wedding cakes are created equal. A bad wedding cake is either forgettable, fading sadly into the background as 'just a cake', or it is remembered for the wrong reasons: bad execution, poor design or undesirable taste.

The perfect cake for your wedding is a cake that is a unique work of art, tastes fantastic and represents your personal love story. These are the the 3 foundational elements that uniquely offer my clients.

After 19 years of creating wedding cakes, I have learned that quite often brides and grooms go into the ordering process not really understanding all there is to consider.

This is why I am here to help, ensuring that you know the best approach to your wedding cake, for the most enjoyable wedding cake ordering experience, while tapping into your inner artist to accomplish your ultimate wedding cake goals.

If you are like me, when asked, "good news first or bad news first?" you'll want to end on a positive note. So lets start with what you DON'T want in a wedding cake.

How to Avoid The Ugly Wedding Cake

This is the cake that you and your guests will remember for all the WRONG reasons.

We have all witnessed the ugly wedding cake...

The cake that is vertically challenged. Leaning a little to much to the left. Or the cake that is lumpy and bumpy like a baby made it with play dough. Or even worst, the cake that looks like someone made in a dark lit room under Lake Erie and had to swim it to your reception venue (There's one for the imagination). Ok now that you have the picture of disaster, I want to talk to you about how these cakes come to existence and how you can avoid them.

These kind of cakes are often made by those who have yet to master a particular skillset with various cake mediums (buttercream or fondant for example).

One clue can be found by surveying a bakers past work. Look to see the amount of cakes they've made and is the quality that you see consistent? Is there a particular style of cake that is good but others not so much? Are the good cakes in the style that you are seeking? This is in no way suggesting that you shouldn't give bakers who are still learning a chance, but remember that this is the most important cake you will order in your life and you want it to be perfect. Lastly, if you are on the fence, ask the baker where you can find customer reviews.

Put That Cake in the Corner - The Bad Wedding Cake

What even is a 'bad cake'? I have multiple definitions for this phenomenon:

01. A cake that is good looking (not great or spectacular) that once eaten you discover it's gross. You feel really disappointed because it was cute enough on the outside and you judged the book by its cover and the taste left much to be desired.

02. A cake that tastes okay enough but is really nothing to write home about. The cake flavor not even rivaling a Twinkie.

03. A cake that fades into the lonely corner that it sits in. So boring that if you close your

eyes you can't really remember what makes it special. Totally FORGETABLE.

Similar to the ugly wedding cake mentioned above, the bad wedding cake often happens when couples attempt to save money by cutting their cake budget. As a recent bride I understand that wedding budgets add up fast, but one thing to remember is that this is your day. Each perfect detail contributes to the totality of your perfect day. Once the moment and day have passed the opportunity for a do-over has also passed.

"The perfect cake for your wedding is a cake that is a unique work of art, tastes fantastic and represents your personal love story. These are the the 3 foundational elements that uniquely offer my clients. " – Gourmet Girl

Don't Merely Settle for Good - The Great Wedding Cake

A great wedding cake can be achieved by having the certain goals in mind.

Your ultimate wedding cake goals should be to:

01. Know how to talk ‘cake talk’ – to ensure an easy and enjoyable ordering process

02. Understand how your wedding season and venue should influence cake type

03. Design a show stopping cake that reflects you both!

Lastly, knowing just a little bit about wedding cakes can go a long way in helping to ensure your ordering experience is stress free and your wedding cake is pure perfection.

You can learn all that you need to know in my Ultimate Wedding Cake Guide.

Now Go and Make Great Wedding Cake Decisions

Take my advice so that you don't look back and regret your wedding cake. I would go a step further to say: to ensure an overall amazing wedding cake experience you should hire Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes. Shameless plug...

I serve local clients in Northeast Ohio, but I offer travel options as well.

Regardless of who you select to make your wedding cake, do it with an educated understanding to ensure the sweetest memories.

Don't forget to read Ultimate Wedding Cake Guide for more valuable information.

Oh, and if you found this information helpful leave a comment below this post!

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