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How to Avoid The 'Hot Mess' Wedding Cake

Venue, Season & Type of Cake

It's Getting hot in here!

Let us start with an understanding of cake and icing types, because when it comes to picking the best cake for your wedding, its all about temperature!

Temperature is the the reason we will take a look at each season, common temperature and the cake and icing types that are best friends with each.


After season and temperature, you need to think about your venue and how it will aid in the control of the season and temperature.

While some cake types are better suited for warmer weather and what I call semi-outdoor venues, no cake should ever be placed in direct sunlight or in spaces with temperatures warmer that 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don't Do This:

The rule of thumb here is that cake is delicate, and is made (or should be) made with butter. What does butter do? MELT! Your wedding cake and its icing has the potential to melt during if exposed to extreme heat.

So please be mindful that if your wedding is taking place during warmer months, and your venue involves outdoor spaces, don't let your cake be exposed to heat or direct sunlight.

Please make sure that your cake has a cooler space to hang out.

"No cake should ever be placed in direct sunlight or in spaces with temperatures warmer that 70 degrees"

– Gourmet Girl

Cake Types


What: A cake without its clothes (its icing). Naked cakes are perfect for cake connoisseurs who do not care for icing. This cake is basically cake, with filling between its layers and nothing else! The icing looks very cool peak-a-booing out from the layers and is aesthetically very rustic. The naked cake is a friend of warmer temperatures and with a shady area outside can survive the summer.

When: All Seasons!

Where: All Venues but works well for semi-outdoor venues including:

• Barns

• Shaded patios

• Event Tents

• Warehouses

• Places without AC

Semi- Naked

What: Unlike the naked cake, the semi-naked cake is a bit more modest in that it needs a bit more covering. A semi-naked cake has a very thin layer of icing that allows for the cake to show through. Because of the lack of icing also makes it great for all seasons.

When: All Seasons!

Where: All Venues but works well for semi-outdoor venues

• Barns

• Shaded patios

• Event Tents

• Warehouses

• Places without AC


What: Buttercream covered cakes are very versatile but are extremely sensitive to temperature due to the butter that is the reason for its name and deliciousness!

But in addition to melting in warmer temperatures, buttercream can also sweat! This sweat is condensation that is formed when your nice cool cake changes temperature to quickly from cool to warm.

Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes offers a buttercream that is specially formatted to guard against sweating, so you will not have to worry about this issue.

Buttercream iced cakes are great for adding textures to your design and allows for decorations that need to be adhered to the cake sides.

When: Spring, Early Summer, Fall & Winter

Where: Indoor settings with AC available

Whipped Cream

What: Whipped cream can be even more temperature sensitive that buttercream (one of the reasons that I do not offer as an option) and require a cooler setting. Depending on the recipe used by your cake baker, whipped cream icing is quite delicate and does not lend well to allowing for decorations that require for them to adhere to the sides of the cake. Whipped Cream icing is best for simple designs because of this.

When: Spring, Fall & Winter

Where: Indoor settings with AC available


What: Fondant is a type of sugar dough that is typically mild in flavor and sweetness. Fondant is the most versatile and durable type of cake coverings and allows for elaborate designs and stands up to higher temperatures.

Because of the cost of fondant and the skill needed to ensure a flawless finish, fondant covered cakes are the most expensive of the cake types.

Some dislike the taste of fondant, but under every fondant covered cake has a layer of buttercream or ganache underneath it. The fondant can be pulled off or if you are ordering with Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes you can leave it on and enjoy it! I specialize in making a delicious fondant with a phenomenal smooth texture.

When: All Seasons!

Where: Indoor settings with AC available


Next Week

We will get into how to show and share your love with your wedding cake next week!

I am here to educate to on all things wedding cake to make your ordering experience stress free and help you get the wedding cake of your dreams.

If you don't feel like waiting until next week's info snippet, you can learn all that you need to know in my Ultimate Wedding Cake Guide.

Now Go and Make Great Wedding Cake Decisions

Take my advice so that you don't look back and regret your wedding cake. I would go a step further to say: to ensure an overall amazing wedding cake experience you should hire Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes. Shameless plug...

I serve local clients in Northeast Ohio, but I offer travel options as well.

Regardless of who you select to make your wedding cake, do it with an educated understanding to ensure the sweetest memories.

Don't forget to read Ultimate Wedding Cake Guide for more valuable information.

Oh, and if you found this information helpful leave a comment below this post!

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