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Your Love in Cake Form

Show and Share Your Sweet Delicious love with Cake!

Not 'Just ' A Cake

Think of your wedding cake as not only an extension of your wedding décor, but the opportunity to make a statement!

Even if you are not a cake person, don't let your cake be an afterthought.

When finding inspiration for your cake make sure to work with your cake designer

to make it unique to you in some way.

Your wedding cake should be a work of art that is made for you. Not something that is a copy of someone else's design.

Also a good cake artist won't let you make an exact copy of another cake... but that's another topic for another day.

When you find a design that you like, ask yourself: outside of changing the color,

how can we make this cake OURS?

Is That The Cake?!

This question can hold good or bad connotations. Which one is up to you!

You and your guests can either be impressed and remember your cake for years to come: 'That's the Cake!'

as in Wow, the cake is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!


Your cake is a physical representation of 'underwhelming' and the question then becomes: 'That's the cake?' as in wamp wamp wamp, matching the disappointing sound effect played on game shows.

You should think of your wedding cake as the main centerpiece of your reception.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to have your cake be apart of your sweetest wedding memories.

Have Your Cake & Eat I Too

Your wedding cake is not only the centerpiece of your wedding reception, but after your ‘I do’s’ cutting the cake is the first task you will complete as a married couple.

The image of the happy couple cutting and enjoying their cake slice together is an important page in the storybook of your happily ever after.


Sharing the cake with your guest is significant of sharing the sweetness of your love with family and friends!

Your love is deliciously sweet, right? Not dry and flavorless lol...

In sharing your love with guest, is making sure your cake taste delicious as well.

Do a cake tasting with the bakers and bakeries you are interested in and don't settle on a cake if the flavor isn't there. You don't want your cake to be remembered for being nasty.

Next Week

Next week I will show you how many servings of cake you REALLY need!

I am here to educate to on all things wedding cake to make your ordering experience stress free and help you get the wedding cake of your dreams.

If you don't feel like waiting until next week's info snippet, you can learn all that you need to know in my Ultimate Wedding Cake Guide.

Now Go and Make Great Wedding Cake Decisions

Take my advice so that you don't look back and regret your wedding cake. I would go a step further to say: to ensure an overall amazing wedding cake experience you should hire Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes. Shameless plug...

I serve local clients in Northeast Ohio, but I offer travel options as well.

Regardless of who you select to make your wedding cake, do it with an educated understanding to ensure the sweetest memories.

Don't forget to read Ultimate Wedding Cake Guide for more valuable information.

Oh, and if you found this information helpful leave a comment below this post!

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